Modern Nursery

Do you have a baby on the way and need to find the perfect nursery bedding? Although this is a very exciting time in your life, it can also be very stressful with all of the choices out there. Relax! This baby nursery bedding guide will point you in the right direction.

Some parents-to-be decorate their nursery based on the sex of their child. Others who are not finding out the sex may use neutral colors in their baby nursery bedding. Whatever you do decide to do, there are plenty of choices to make even the most finicky mama-to-be happy! Imagine what you want the nursery feel to be – usually the bedding is picked out first and inspires the look and feel of the entire room.

Below are a few important nursery bedding items you will want to look at.

Sheets: Baby nursery sheets are fitted to the mattress. They should never be loose or sagging.

Mattress Pad: This protects the mattress from any diaper accidents. When you pull off the sheet, you pull off the pad and throw them both in the washer. The pad prolongs the life of your mattress. The mattress pad is also great for toddlers while they are potty training!

Bumper: These are fantastic decoration pieces of the nursery, but should only be used for decorative purposes due to potential hazard issues. It is best to remove the bumper when your child is sleeping.

Comforter: These are used mainly as decoration as you do not want to put anything bulky into the crib of a newborn. Even if it is only hanging over the side of the crib, remove it every time your baby is put into its crib.

Crib Skirt: If you use one of these, the underside of the crib can be used to discretely store extra items such as diapers and wipes.

Accessories that coordinate with your baby nursery bedding include wall hangings, artwork, mobiles, curtains and diaper stackers. When picking out everything for your baby’s room, don’t let the choices overwhelm you, and remember to have fun!